Waking Up To Flight Information

Are you setting your alarm clock to catch a flight out of town or picking up a friend from the airport? With our flight status alarms you can now wake up hearing a prediction if a flight is delayed or on-time.

Here are some sample flights for you to test out this alarm, as well as our predictions for each.
United Airlines: 168
Alaska Airlines: 45 & 55
Southwest: 155
Delta Airlines: 1540 & 1542

The predictions for our flight alarms are based off of data, provided by Flightcaster.com. FlightCaster predicts flight delays six hours before airline alerts. This is accomplished through the use of their advanced algorithm, which scours data on every domestic(United States) flight for the past 10-years and matches it to real-time conditions. The data Flightcaster provides and what we speak to wake you up is as followed....

1. On-Time:
"Greetings from Sleep.FM, your X flight to X, is currently on-schedule, have a great flight."
2. Less then 60 minutes:
"Greetings from Sleep.FM, your X flight to X, is currently running under an hour late."
3. More then 60 minutes:
"Greetings from Sleep.FM, your X flight to X, is currently running more then hour late."

In our tests and recent trips to Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco and Baltimore, Sleep.FM thanks to Flightcaster provided correct flight status information. For example, on May 15th 2010, Sleep.FM wokes us and correctly, informed us our plane out of Atlanta was going to be more then an hour late. What that meant for us is, two hours after waking up, we were in the plane and on the runway waiting, waiting, waiting - yup we waited a whole hour on the the runway before take off. That might sound bad, but we were estatic that our plane was delayed an hour and we knew and learned this thanks to our alarm clock :)

We are excited to hear user feedback on this new alarm and thank Flightcaster.com for allowing us to use their data!

"Don't wait to hear Happy Birthday, wake up to it!" - Sleep.FM