By Ryan Spahn Feb. 18, 2013

iPhone HTML5 Alarm Clock Returns!

At the very end of 2012 and after two months of R&D, we released the first online alarm clock that works in a mobile web browser. Specifically the iPhone's web browser, Safari.

What that means is iPhone (iOS 6 & higher) users, do not have to download an app, just go to and enjoy! The Social Alarm Clock app photo photo of wake up choices in app
Unfortunately, 20 days after we released this milestone, Apple's update to the iPhone software had code base changes that conflicted with how the alarm clock functioned. We were somewhat defeated and thought "Oh well, our app is dead, there is no way to get it working again!" Fortunately, the team received some inspiration from a fellow developer and we pulled together to get the app up and running again!

We're happy to announce the re-release of our iPhone Online Alarm Clock! iPhone users just open Safari and type to wake up better informed and connected to your inner circle! It's a great nightstand alarm clock that offers our unique features (some still in development) and new stuff too!

Thanks for you using! Team

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